Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho: Cass Beer Teaser

Alright, sorry readers, I was on hiatus for the last 2 weeks due to some personal matters but hey! I am now back to bring you some of the latest juices in KPop. 

We all know that Sandara and Lee Min Ho are now working together in a project for Cass Beer.  Sandara is just so enviable to had been chosen to pair with the Boys Over Flowers hunk Lee Min Ho. Just recently, in her visit here in the Philippines, she’s been asked random questions about who among the BOF F4s does she personally know. She said none, but look at her now! She even had the chance to lock lips with the BOF Star. She looked so gorgeous in the clip and they look good together! What a luck for Dara! Let’s all keep on supporting her. We are so proud of you Dara!

Cass Beer Teaser Finally Out! :)

~ by Tine on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho: Cass Beer Teaser”

  1. 悉怛多缽怛囉阿們 窮盡相關消去無關 證據時效


    十習因 鬼道 畜生道 人道
    貪習(貪物) 物怪(依草附木)   梟類(土梟) 頑類(愚呆)
    媱習(貪色) 風魃(旱魃不雨)   咎徵(烏鴉…凶兆) 異類(妖怪)
    誑習(貪惑) 畜昧(狐獸精靈)   狐類(狐狸……) 庸類(卑鄙)
    瞋習(貪恨) 蠱毒(毒虫惡蟲)   毒類(虺蛇……) 狠類(剛暴)
    怨習(貪憶) 疫癘(散行瘟疫)   蛔類(蟯蛔) 微類(賤僕)
    慢習(貪傲) 氣餓(飢虛之鬼)   食類(虎狼……) 柔類(懦弱)
    枉習(貪罔) 憂魘(厭人心胸)   服類(衣服二類) 勞類(勞苦)
    見習(貪明) 魍魎(山精之鬼)   應類(燕鴻……) 文類(小才)
    詐習(貪成) 役使(咒術役鬼) 休徵(鳳麟吉類) 明類(小聰)
    訟習(貪黨) 傳送(遞傳吉凶)   循類(鴿犬……) 達類(小知世故)


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