Jessica Soho: Korean Music Invades Philippines (ft. 2NE1))

This is a clip is from an episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho featuring Korean Music mainly 2NE1. It is certain that Korea had captured our attention with their TV Dramas we call Koreanovelas. And now, even their music is now conquering our airwaves.

Their songs are indeed good, it’s just sad that only a few of us understands their words. I, as an Online Teacher for Koreans for 2 years already, I do take account of their music. What’s good in Korean music is that most of their songs are made to be lively. They got me singing and dancing to their songs at the same time. I had been a fan of Korean music for quite a long time already, and I can say that I’m loving every bit of it. I started having the likes for Koreanovela OST’s until one of my students asked me to listen to Wonder Girls’ Nobody and I loved it. [Fact: Nobody debuted September 2009, what’s the date now?] I find our media funny-annoying trying to do random versions of Nobody when they can’t even do the proper steps. Duh?! The steps are so easy why can’t they do it just how it should be? They’re too late!

Anyway, I had been following Wonder Girls’ career since then, and now, I have added a new addiction to my MP3 — 2NE1. I love the girls. :)

~ by Tine on September 1, 2009.

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