Dara: 2NE1’s 100th Day :)


Courtesy of Me2Day, Dara of 2NE1 exposed that it’s their 100th day as 2NE1 since their debut back in May with their hit Fire.

Dara spelt at around 1:30AM on Me2Day,

“Wussup?! Jjak jjak jjak! Today’s 2NE1’s 100th day since debut!….^.^ Thank you for everything, I was happy! It’s only been 100 days but.. This is the start, you will continue to run with us, right?”

Dara also jested using a line from their current hit, “I Don’t Care”,

“Well then, I will contact (you) again at five thirty in the morning! Sleep well!^.^”

Oh well, Dara is just so up-and-coming! :D

To boot, Dara once more updated at around 6:30AM saying,

“Good morning~!^.^ Five thirty in the morning!!! What do we have planned for today? Where do we have to go that we are up so early?^^ I wonder… (They) said it’s a secret! I will contact (you) again! Have a nice day!”

Kudos 2NE1! More blessings for you girls! Keep on making good music! :)

~ by Tine on August 24, 2009.

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